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Local tribes push Dept. of Interior to release water

Eastern Humboldt- Tribal members along the Klamath and Trinity rivers are pushing the Department of Interior to release water into the Trinity river.

On Tuesday, members of the Hoopa Valley Tribe went to Redding, where the Secretary of Interior, Sally Jewell, was in town. There, tribal members said they protested outside where she was holding a press conference. They asked for the department to release more water.

Vice Chairperson of the Yurok Tribe, Susan Masten, said that there are signs that the fish are in jeopardy. She said water levels are low and temperatures are high, conditions similar to the 2002 fish kill.

The Bureau of Reclamation choose not to release additional water in July. The bureau said they are balancing the needs of Central Valley farmers and stakeholders along the Trinity. They said they will release more water if there are fish deaths.