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Locals share their April Fools' Pranks

EUREKA- It’s the one day of the year that jokesters get to play pranks on their friends and family. Earlier today, we caught up with some people in Old Town Eureka to talk about their most memorable April fools’ jokes and plans for this year.

The owner of Humboldt Hardware, Patrick Murphy said, ”Last year we got about five different friends and family pretty bad with a recorded message saying that their was a rabid animal outside of their house or business and so actually I’m pretty afraid today that something’s going to happen to me.”

Horse carriage driver, John Brekeen said, “If you’ve got long hair or something like that you can kind of put some water up on the back of your head where they can’t see that your head is wet and then you know you kinda sneeze and then the water goes forward and they think you sneezed all over their face.”