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Locomotive engineer training to be held in Eureka on Saturday

EUREKA- If you have ever wanted to be a train engineer, you have the chance to learn how on Saturday in Eureka.

The Timber Heritage Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving Humboldt County’s logging history, is holding a training session for people to learn how to operate two of the oldest operational locomotives in the country. 

People learning to be engineers will be needed for future Timber Heritage Association activities, such as being the engineer on trains on the Humboldt Bay Tourism Railroad, which will be constructed in the future.  Adults who are interested are encouraged to come to Fort Humboldt on Saturday at 9 a.m.  People will be trained with class lessons and hands on experience.  Participants must pay $25 and need to wear long sleeve shirts and pants made of natural fiber, leather gloves, and steal toed shoes.  Organizers say the event is as much about appreciating history as recruiting volunteers.

"It's a tradition.  It's something many Humboldt County families have great pride in, that their grandfather worked on this logging railroad that carried the logs into the mill from wherever around Humboldt County, or worked in the mills, or did anything else that contributed to that tremendous economic engine around here which was the redwood tree," said David Young, a member of the Board of Directors for the Timber Heritage Association.

If you wish to participate, call David Young at (707) 839-0591.