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Loleta Bakery now closed

LOLETA- A popular North Coast bakery has closed its doors.

Frequent visitors of Loleta Bakery, like Jan Hawkes, were surprised to see the bakery is now closed.

"It makes no sense.  There's always a line.  I'm always behind somebody getting my cup of coffee, it's never empty.  There are always seats taken.  So it's not a matter of the business so I don't understand," Hawkes said.

The owners, the Van Der Zees, left a note on their door, which says, “Dearest Guests, It is with the heaviest of hearts that we are closing our doors. Your patronage has evolved into friendship, and the loss for us is deep.  All of us at Loleta Bakery wish to thank you for the joy you have brought into our lives, and the support you have demonstrated over these four years.”

"I'm shocked.  I'm sad.  It's a real bright light in a little town here.  People really enjoy the food, I remember when it was just the bakery, and I hope they reopen," said Hawkes.

Others say the bakery was beneficial to the local economy as well.

"I'm really disappointed that the bakery is leaving because the bakery, I think, was a huge draw for other people to come to our small town and visit the other businesses we have here," said Jacqui Cain, who lives in Loleta.

But last year, the owners of the bakery, who also own the space next door to it, told the owners of the Loleta Meat Market, which was in that space since 1932, that they could not rent there anymore because the bakery was expanding.  For that reason, some people are not upset that the bakery is closing.

"What goes around comes around.  They pushed a business out.  I don't know the whole story, but that's my feeling,” said Alan Miller, who lives in Loleta.

One of the owners of Loleta Meat Market told News Channel 3 “I’m very angry for what they put the community through with this whole move, then just to shut their doors down.  It doesn’t show that they care about the community like they said they did.”

Owners of Loleta Meat Mrket say they will not be relocating back to their old space, because it would be too expensive.

The owners of Loleta Bakery did not want to make a comment.