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Longtime congressman and Ferndale native, Don Clausen, dies at 91

FERNDALE - Longtime Congressman and Ferndale native Don Clausen passed away on Saturday at the age of 91. 

In Clausen's early years he joined the navy as a carrier pilot during World War II. After the war he settled down in Crescent City where he married his wife of 63 years and started the air ambulance service at the Crescent City Airport.

Clausen served on the Board of Supervisors for Del Norte County for seven years and in 1963 Don was elected to the 88th congress where he spent 10 years.

He was known as the Flying Congressman and was the Special Projects Director for the Federal Aviation Administration for seven years. Clausen had numerous awards and accomplishments and has a display at the Ferndale Museum.

"When you first met Don Clausen, he would give you a strong warm handshake, he would look straight in your eyes, have that twinkle in his eyes and he would have that smile, that would just almost melt you right there in your shoes. And then, he would just genuinely show an interest in you and not only his interest in you as a person, but how he could help you,"   said Clausen's son in law, Jim Baumgartner.

A memorial service for Clausen will be held on Friday March 6th, from 2:30 to 5:30 at the River Lodge in Fortuna.