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Low voter turnout for local Primary

EUREKA-Even with three major elections in Humboldt County, election officials are not expecting high voter turnout for the primary elections. 

Carolyn Crnich, the Humboldt County Clerk and Registrar said she only expects 35 percent of Humboldt County voters to cast ballots for this years primary elections. "They're not as concerned about who wins in the primary. They'll worry about it when they see it on the general election ballot in November," she said.

Crnich said it is because voters are more likely to vote for their local candidates, "When there is a local election, people can see the immediacy."

On Tuesday, voters said the were casting their ballots because of one of the three major races. Grant Goddard, a Eureka resident said he was voting for the supervisor and district attorney seats. "I feel that those two particular races might have the most prominent affect on our community," he said.

But other voters said they made it out to the polls because they never miss an election, "I vote in every election," said Alison Talbott . "I think it's one of our most important rights and privileges."