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Mad River Community Hospital holds Christmas sweater contest

ARCATA - Doctors, nurses, and staff at Mad River Community Hospital traded scrubs for sweaters today at the annual Christmas sweater competition.

“Today is the ugly sweater contest and I am wearing an endoscope cleaner, I am wearing a syringe full of Werther’s Candy. I basically just got dressed up from a lot of things in endoscopy because that's where I was today and I became their prodigy child,”  Aurelia Conness, First Place Winner of the sweater contest, said.  

The employees got creative for the competition, and it was worth it. The hospital provided prizes to the five best sweaters and everyone dressed up got two cookies for participation. In addition, the first place winner got $100 for their department to throw a party. Employees say it’s a fun event for the hospital.

“I love seeing everybody dressed up. I think it's a good way to stay involved with our little community. Our little family. And like just being excited for everyone,” Conness added.