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Mail and marijuana on Supervisors agenda

EUREKA- The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors will consider what is being called a good neighbor policy on Tuesday. The policy, known as the Outdoor Medical Marijuana Ordinance would set limits on outdoor medical marijuana growth on residential properties.

The supervisors drafted the ordinance earlier this year in response to citizen complaints that the smells from outdoor medical marijuana plots were becoming a nuisance in some neighborhoods. Since then, the planning commission, with community input, has revised the ordinance. The ordinance will enter phase two Tuesday with a public hearing and discussion on the specific limitations proposed. 

“This is a good neighbor policy, this is a land use policy,” said 1st District Supervisor Rex Bohn. “It's just to protect the neighbor form someone blowing out their back yard and making it unavailable for them to use the serenity of their back yard, per say. So, as long as you're a good neighbor there shouldn't be any problems but what we'll do is we'll set some guidelines tomorrow that hopefully everyone can work with and still have access to the medicinal marijuana that they need.”

Also at Tuesday’s meeting the supervisors will sign a letter to the united states postal service opposing plans to close the Eureka Mail Processing Facility. If the facility were to close, all mail processing would instead be done in Medford. In their letter, the supervisors say that the changes would cause delays that could dramatically impact medication deliveries, as well as election results with mail-in ballots.