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Man allegedly waved gun at Eureka High students

EUREKA - Eureka Police are investigating after a man allegedly brandished a firearm at Eureka High students. 

Parents of one student involved said about a dozen kids congregated in this parking lot Wednesday afternoon, honking their horns. When a man at a neighboring property told them to stop, the parent says some of the kids continued. Then the man allegedly waved a gun at the kids. 

Officials with Eureka High evaluated the incident and chose not to lock down the school, saying there was no immediate threat to student safety.

Superintendent Fred Van Vleck added that federal law prohibits firearm possession within 1,000 feet of a school, but that residences in that radius are exempt from the law.
Van Vleck also said, "The first thing we do is assess the safety of the students. Do we need to do a lockdown? Do we not need to do a lockdown? One of the things that we don't want to do is call a lockdown when there's not a need for a lockdown because what happens is students start becoming immune to it meaning 'oh this is just another lockdown' and don't take it seriously and we want to reserve those times when we call a lockdown when there is an actual threat to student safety."  

EPD is actively investigating this case.