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Man and dog walking across the country arrives in Eureka

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ARCATA- If you were traveling to Arcata Monday, you may have seen them walking on the shoulder of Highway 101. Luke Robinson and his dog Indiana are making a 2,000 mile trek from Canada to San Diego all on foot to raise awareness for cancer.

“I’m just a simple guy from Texas. So you know, we do everything big down in Texas, so we lose someone to cancer we don't walk around a park, we walk across the country,” Robinson said.

After Robinson lost two dogs to cancer he decided to do set out to raise awareness for cancer in all forms. His first cross-country awareness trek was in 2008, when he and his two Great Pyrenees walked from Austin, TX to Boston, MA. Now, Robinson and Indiana are out again, this time walking from border to border.

“We're basically just walking from town to town educating people and sharing our story,” Robinson said.

Luke and Indiana have been walking since May. Indiana has a GPS tracker on his collar, allowing people to follow he and Luke’s trip via the web on But the trip, he says, has been physically taxing.

“We try to do 10-12 miles a day and hopefully there's a campground. If not, we pitch a tent on the side of the road,” Robinson said.

Monday they walked from Arcata to Eureka, on what Robinson says has been a treacherous road due to it’s tight curves and narrow lanes.

“We’ve got a tough stretch of the road up ahead and it's been a great adventure but 101 has certainly presented some challenges walking with the dog,” Robinson said.

The pair hope to reach San Diego by Christmas, educating the public along the way about cancer in both dogs and humans.