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Man arrested following burglary in Eureka

EUREKA- A Eureka resident chases down a burglary suspect after he wakes up to find items from his home had been taken.

"The victim woke up and noticed several items had been stolen from inside his residence. He got on his bike and rode around the area to look for any clues.  He found the suspect, John Osborn, pulling a wagon with the stolen items inside.  The victim approached Osborn and Osborn threatened him with a pocket knife and continued down the street with a wagon and the victim continued to follow on his bike," said Brittany Kesterson, the Public Information Officer with the Eureka Police Department.

The burglary took place Tuesday morning near the 2400 block of Progress Street. The victim had a bystander call 911 while he was following the suspect.   Officers with the EPD then found the suspect, 26-year-old Eureka resident John Osborn, as well as the victim, near the intersection of Spring and Hawthorne Streets. The officers arrested Osborn and charged him with possession of stolen property and brandishing a knife. He also is charged with parole violation stemming from drug use and assault and battery charges. He was booked into the Humboldt County Jail and later released on bail.