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Man arrested for indecent exposure

EUREKA- A Eureka man was arrested Tuesday after police said he indecently exposed himself and attacked a couple outside of a restaurant after they declined to buy marijuana from him. It happened just before noon at McDonalds. Police said a couple and their grandchild were inside of their car when Charles Knight, 51, tried to sell them marijuana. After telling him no, Knight allegedly hit the woman with a shopping bag and indecently exposed himself making criminal threats. 
Officers said that is when the victim’s husband started chasing him and two other bystanders joined in on the chase. According to police he was tackled in front of a gas station on 5th and T Streets and was armed with a rock. Knight was taken to the hospital and will face one felony count for making criminal threats, indecent exposure, assault and battery, and attempting to sell marijuana. 
Meanwhile one of the men who helped chase down the suspect could face a charge of assault with a deadly weapon for kicking the suspect in the head after he was caught.