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Man in critical condition following vehicle accident

FORTUNA- A Central California man is in critical condition following a car accident in Fortuna over the weekend.

California Highway Patrol officials confirm 32-year-old Exeter man Eduardo Valles, was traveling at an unknown speed southbound on US Highway 101 through Fortuna early Saturday morning. Authorities say Valles’ Chevy Tahoe made an abrupt turn and collided with a guardrail, flipped over several times and ejected Valles just north of the southbound Main Street Fortuna exit. Emergency personnel arrived and found Valles in the road unconscious, with major head trauma, a broken femur, a broken spine and broken ribs.  He has since been transferred out of the area for treatment. CHP officials tell us Valles was not wearing his seatbelt. Authorities say if he was, he would have had less serious injuries. 

"This is a great example that when we're involved in a collision, we don't have any prior notice.  We don't know when it's going to happen.  We don't know if somebody is going to cut us off or do something in an unsafe manner to cause us to be involved in a collision.  And because of that, it's absolutely critical that we all wear our seatbelts 100 percent of the time," said Officer Matt Harvey with the California Highway Patrol.