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Man injured after falling from tree in Eureka

EUREKA- A man is transported to Saint Joseph Hospital after falling from a redwood tree in Eureka.

Humboldt Bay Fire responded to the incident at about 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, which occurred at Sequoia Park, near the intersection of Q Street and Glatt Street. When fire officials arrived, a man told them he was throwing a knife at a tree and it got stuck, so he tried to climb the tree to get it back.  The man said he fell about 20 feet after a branch broke. He was transported to the hospital with a severely injured ankle after rescue crews pulled him up an embankment. Officials say he was lucky his injuries were not more serious.

"I could see how it would be tempting to want to climb these trees.  It seems adventurous and you might get a great view but the reality is often time, the branches are really not designed to hold a persons' weight and what might seem like a good idea at the time can result in a very serious injuries, broken bones, head trauma or possibly something even worse," said Battalion Chief Chris Jelinek with Humboldt Bay Fire.