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Man linked to Deputy's death connected to Oregon murder

OREGON- The man police said is responsible for the death of Mendocino Deputy, Ricky Del  Fiorentino, is also connected to a shooting death of an Oregon State University Professor.

Police in Eugene, Oregon said Ricardo Chaney was a person of interest in the murder of 79-year-old George Wasson. He was found shot dead in is home, where the suspect lit the two story home on fire shortly after.

Chaney was a person of interest in the case because he was aquatinted with the victim. 

The next day, Chaney stole a BMW, kidnapping two men, who were able to escape from the trunk before he drove away. Chaney drove down the coast, stopping at one point at Confusion Hill. Police said he got in a confrontation with the business owner, before firing shots at him. Police then pursued Chaney in the BMW, before he eventually came into contact with Del Fiorentino's vehicle, firing multiple rounds at him, and killing him.

Mendocino County Sheriff's Office said Chaney died as a result of two separate gun shot wounds. He was found with a military style bullet proof vest with two assault rifles.