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Man sentenced in Trinity County Murder

TRINITY COUNTY- The Trinity County man accused of murdering his stepfather was sentenced 40 years to life in state prison. 
J.R. Powell, 26 years old was handed a life sentence in a Trinity County courtroom on Monday afternoon. Powell pleaded not guilty to the September 10th murder of his stepfather, 68-year-old Jonathon William Powell of Ruth Lake. The murder happened in January of 2012 when police say Powell’s wife came home to find her husband dead with gunshot wounds to the head. Later officials named J.R. Powell as the suspect.
Before the judge made the ruling on Monday, Powell’s attorney filed a motion for a new trial. The judge denied the request.
The Deputy District Attorney handling the case, Eric Heryford told News Channel 3 that he was happy with the outcome, and that justice was served.