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Man walking from Los Angeles to Seattle arrives in Eureka this weekend.

Jeremiah Ray is walking for a cause. His sister’s cause… to raise awareness about the serious problem of amputation.

His sister, Rebecca, lost her leg in an above-the-knee amputation last year. He observed her and the entire family struggle with the very challenging physical and emotional issues that can accompany such an event. He also observed the huge problems raised by gaps in insurance coverage and the fact that up-to-date prosthetic legs can cost upwards of one hundred thousand dollars. That’s not including the costs of postoperative services from doctors and physical therapists. 2.5 million people in the US are currently living with limb loss.

Ray set off from Los Angeles a month ago and he just entered Humboldt County from the south. His destination is Seattle. He should be in the Eureka area sometime this weekend. Stay tuned to News Channel 3 for more on this story.