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Marijuana advocates celebrate DOJ announcement

Medical marijuana advocates are applauding the Department of Justice's decision to not challenge state laws allowing medical and recreational use of pot.
This week's announcement from the federal government comes after Washington State and Colorado legalized recreational pot last November. The federal government said it will focus on enforcing and prosecuting marijuana distribution to minors and prosecuting criminal groups that do not have permits to sell pot.
Crusaders for Patients Rights Advocate Lanette Davies said, “We actually have 20 states in general, plus Washington D.C. that has dispensing collectives or some kind of marijuana law on their books. So having the federal government take a second look and say okay we are not going to challenge this, actually opens the way so if they are not going to challenge it. Now we can make the changes federally that are needed."
Davies hopes the feds decision paves the way for more landlords to be able to rent and lease to legal marijuana dispensaries. She says banking has been a challenge in the past.  It has created a security risk for collectives keeping cash on site. She said the decision encourages more banks to work with legitimate dispensaries.