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Marine Summer Science Program kicks off in Trinidad

TRINIDAD- Monday is the first day of the Marine Summer Science Program in Trinidad, where kids learn about the ocean’s wildlife.

At the HSU Telonicher Marine Lab, kids ages 6-12 get to do hands-on activities for the Marine Summer Science Program, to gain a deeper understanding of the ocean and its wildlife.

“Today is invertebrates day.  Tomorrow is going to be the tooth whales and the bathing whales, along with seals and sea lions, and then the final day will be on fish," said Olivia Barry, the Marine Naturalist at the Marine Lab.

Program officials say the lessons the kids learn are important. 

"There's a lot of different environmental problems that are going on, with the ocean and the land in general, and we're in a drought, so if they get to know about the different things that are going on in the ocean, than they could potentially try and do something about it when they get older," Barry said.

Kids say they enjoy getting to handle the different creatures.

"They're just squishy and cool animals.  I've never seen one before," said 8-year-old Nola Bachemin.

"I like doing it because it's fun because I like getting a hold of new animals that I haven't been able to hold," said 6-year-old Amaya Mathews.

"Also, we get to go down to the beach where they get to experience the different things that you would see at the beach.  And then, they also get to see the different animals that we have on display to further their knowledge," said Barry.

“As they're learning, they're getting to do different arts and crafts.  And there's pretty much a significance to everything, in the different arts and crafts that they're doing.”

The program is three sessions, two of which are three days, and one being five days.  For more information, visit