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Martin Slough Interceptor Project in final phase

EUREKA- A project designed to improve Eureka’s Wastewater Collection System is in its final phase.

Construction of the force main portion of the Martin Slough Interceptor Project was finished in October and became operational during Thanksgiving week. Now, wastewater is flowing directly to the Eureka's Wastewater Treatment Plant from the pump station in the south end of town, instead of being rerouted north first, as it had been. The final step of the project is decommissioning five lift stations.  However, this phase will be suspended by the end of the month due to wet weather. City officials say the project will save the city money when it’s completed in the summer, and will provide the south end of town with more economic growth opportunities.

"There are some various large planned developments that have been brought to the city in the past.  They're not here right now, but we expect that down the road.  Development will be supported by this project from a collection and conveyance standpoint," said Charles Roecklein, the City Engineer for the City of Eureka.