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Mayor clarifies recent firing of City Manager, David Van Dermark

CRESCENT CITY- Crescent City Officials have offered more details for the recent firing of City Manager, David Van Dermark.

Mayor Blake Inscore emphasized that Mr. Van Dermark was an “at-will employee” and was not fired for cause. 

Inscore went on to say there was no misconduct of any kind, no malfeasance or law breaking...nothing that should cause suspicion towards Mr. Van Dermark. By law, the council cannot talk about employment issues. The mayor asks the public to be respectful of Van Dermark and his family.

The city will continue the process of recruitment for a new city manager. Until then, those duties will be shared by the mayor and other staff.

Van Dermark was fired from his previous position as City Manager of Winston, Oregon when he was an "at-will employee" there.