McDaniels Slough Project in Final Phase

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ARCATA- The city of Arcata's 16 year project to restore habitat at McDaniels Slough is in the final stages. The city is working on creating trails that lead up to the recent levee that was breached that reconnects Humboldt Bay with McDaniels Slough.


The project serves three functions by restoring the local habitat, providing flood relief, and giving the community more access to the bay.


"Habitat restoration was a top tier project reason why we started on this project, and why the city stuck with it for 15 years," said Mark Andre, Director of Environmental Services in Arcata.


Andre has been working on the project since the beginning and said the project is part of the cities larger goals of habitat restoration.


"We're glad to be at this point because we have other projects we want to work on," said Andre.


Arcata has worked with multiple different agencies on the four million dollar project.. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Hydrologist, Conor Shea, said the restoration efforts are essential for Arcata's food chain.


"It supports the insects and microorganisms that then kick start the small fish and birds which is the food base for the entire Humboldt bay. " said Shea.


Julie Neander, of Arcata's Environmental Services Department said this project is an example of Arcata taking on large scale projects.


"We're always looking at how we can push the boundaries. and look for multiple benefits and see how we could maximize the benefits for the people who live here," said Neander.