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McGuire and Huffman partner important bill for Smith River

NORTH COAST - Senator Mike McGuire and Congressman Jared Huffman are introducing legislation that will prevent a proposed strip mining operation on the Smith River.
The bill, SJR-03, is being called the “Smith River Watershed Protection Measure and calls on President Obama and Congress to permanently safeguard the river from any mining activity. Currently, the Smith is unprotected.
The Panama-based, “Red Flat Nickel Corporation” submitted plans to drill up to 59 mine shafts on nearly 4,000 acres. It could allow for one of the largest nickel, cobalt and chromium mines in the western United States. 
McGuire and Huffman feel mining of any kind is unacceptable on the Smith; one of the last truly pristine and wild rivers in the west and home to one of the premier salmon fisheries in the lower 48-states. The river is also the primary source of water for Del Norte County’s 28,000 residents.