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McKinleyville Board to approve 30% cost share for Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event

MCKINLEYVILLE - The McKinleyville Board of Directors will decide at it's district meeting Wednesday night if they will continue to provide their annual Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event to residents.

Humboldt Waste Management Authority partnered with the McKinleyville Community Services District in 2013, hosting the event that helps residents properly dispose of any hazardous waste they may have, for free.

Last year, the district saw a 16% overall increase in participants and believes it encourages residents to act responsibly. The event is made possible by cost-sharing and Humboldt Waste Management is requesting that the board approve a 30% cost share, not to exceed $10,000. 

"Especially related to our Waste Water Management Facility; that these things don't end up down the drain. Because the cost for source control, that is, not allowing them into the waste stream, is much cheaper than it is to try to treat them out of the waste water, once it makes it to the waste water management facility. There's also the potential that some of those things won't treat out of the waste water stream and they'll end up in the receiving water or back into the ground water, so we're trying to keep that from happening," said Gregory Orsini, McKinleyville General Manager