McKinleyville Community Services District five year Strategic Plan

MCKINLEYVILLE - McKinleyville Community Services District board members will discuss five and ten year plans for the district Wednesday night at their monthly meeting.  

Board members will review a ten year plan for their Capital Improvement General Fund as well as a five year Strategic Plan used to create budgets, goals and objectives. One goal to be discussed is finalizing design details for their Waste Water Management Facility Improvement Project. The state is enforcing more regulations, meaning the District has to upgrade it’s treatment plants to follow those guidelines. The District says, it’s an investment for the future costing up to 15 million dollars. 

"We're at approximately 99% of design for the Waste Water Management Facility Improvement Project and that project is being done due to regulations that will be coming down the pike for the district," said MCSD General Manager, Greg Orsini.