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McKinleyville High School keeps its Native American Youth Conference tradition alive for 22 years

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MCKINLEYVILLE - The McKinleyville High School Native American Club is keeping a 22 year tradition alive with it’s "Success In Both Worlds" conference.

The Native American Youth Conference dedicated this year’s theme to "River Is Our Home". Stating, tribes in the local community have suffered the past year from fish kills due to low water releases from the dams.

Speakers from around the country held workshops specializing in Native American arts, culture, heritage and ceremonies. Plus local water and fishery specialists held a large Q&A session. The conference had support from over 12 sponsors including several local education programs, tribes and Rancherias.

"It's really our job as the next generation to continue fighting for our water rights and it's something that we use in our everyday life. We use it for drinking water, we use it for our ceremonies, a lot of people's jobs depend on our water rights and I think it's really important for kids to understand we're our water's going, why it's an important resource and really, just how it affects the community as a whole," said Ty'ithreeha Allen, McKinleyville High School Native American Club President.