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McKinleyville to install smart meters

MCKINLEYVILLE- Over the next three years all water meters in McKinleyville will be converted to smart meters. The smart meters will be able to be read remotely through a laptop and give more information on usage to customers.

The meters will cost the Community Services District $1.1 million over the next six years. Gregory Orsini, General Manager of the district, said the smart meters should pay for themselves over the next six years. Orsini said the upgrade will require less meter readers because it will take less time to read the new models.

"It will be much more efficient," said Orsini.

Orsini said the amount of time that it takes to read meters will be more than cut in half, and the second meter reader will work on other maintenance in the district. "We'll probably be down to one man about two and a half days per month to go out. So it's a significant difference," said Orsini.

10 percent of homes have been converted to smart meters already and the entire district is expected to be upgraded by 2018.