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McKinleyville man's generous donation over the years.

A local man from McKinleyville has given a gift that can keep on giving… he’s given his blood.

Barbershop owner and long time apheresis blood donor, Leroy Murrell, has donated 80 gallons of blood and blood components. He’s been donating for over 25 years now and is able to donate as many as 24-times a year. Donors can give platelets weekly, as compared to whole blood donors who can only give every fifty-six days.

Leroy began donating blood when he was in the military. He’s donated blood one hundred fifty times and was among the first apheresis donors in Northern California in the early 1990’s.

For more information about becoming a whole blood or apheresis donor, contact the northern community blood bank at the following: 707-443-8004 or at