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Measure F: two votes shy of passing

DEL NORTE COUNTY - There is a new sheriff in town. Crescent City Police Sergeant Erik Apperson beat out incumbent Dean Wilson in the race for Del Norte County Sheriff by a 10 percent lead. And local attorney Darren Mcelfresh beat out incumbent Judge Chris Doehle for Superior Court Judge.

But the ballot item that’s still at play the day after Election Day: Measure F.

The measure needs a two-thirds vote to pass and right now, it is two votes shy of that.

The County Clerks Office has late and provisional votes left to tally that will determine if this measure gets approved.

If passed, it will implement a seven-year ¼ percent sales tax increase to save the Del Norte County Fair.

The Clerk Recorder’s Office tells us they hope to have a final tally by Friday, or Monday at the latest.