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Measure P will regulate Humboldt farmers if passed

EUREKA - Growing GMO’s in Humboldt could be a thing of the past if Measure P passes in Tuesday’s election.

The ordinance would prevent propagating, cultivating, raising and growing genetically modified organisms if passed.

The measure would regulate farmers from growing GMO’s, but they could still be sold in Humboldt County. Mendocino and Trinity counties have adopted a similar ban in the state.

"If you look at Humboldt County, Humboldt County is very much organic principals. Whether it's grass fed, grass finished beef for organic beef, whether it's 60% of the dairies. And probably close to 100% of all the farmers are using organic principals, which mean you don't bring in pesticides and herbicides and anything foreign. You are really using cover crops. So, it's just the ethos of Humboldt County,” Bill Schaser, the official spokesperson for ‘Yes on P’, said.

They say GMO’s have undergone thousands of scientific tests and have come out as safe or even safer than traditionally bread crops.

Critics also say there are wording problems within the measure and that it is potentially expensive.

“I think it's likely to backfire. There are GMO’s that are in development or that are already made that are more nutritious, that are good for the consumer, and there's more in the pipeline. I don't think we should shut the door on those in the future given that we don't even know what they are yet,” Mark Wilson, Biology professor at HSU, said.