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Measure Z to bring Humboldt County $6 million for public safety

EUREKA- Up to 15 new positions could be added to the sheriff’s office thanks to Humboldt County voters.

Measure Z, a countywide sales tax for public safety, was passed in yesterday’s election. The measure received 55 percent of voters’ approval.

The half-cent sales tax will go into effect April 1 and will generate $6 million for the county’s general fund with most of that revenue going towards public safety. According to the sheriff’s office, with the new revenue the department will be able to restore positions previously eliminated due to budget cuts, and provide better services to unincorporated areas.

“Hopefully we'll be able to incarcerate those who truly need to be incarcerated because I think there will be some people that could possibly fall through the cracks so to speak with this proposition,” said Humboldt County Sheriff Mike Downey. “But again, it was passed by the voters, by a wide margin I believe and we will deal with it as it becomes more and more apparent.”