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Measures V and W struck down in election

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FORTUNA- Fortuna voters struck down their city sales tax and bond measure for the elementary school district in Tuesday’s election.

Officials with the school district say they will try again with Measure W in the next election. The bond measure would have generated $9 million dollar to go towards loan repayment and modernization projects at their four schools. The district owes $1.2 million on an acquired loan from the Rohnerville School District Consolidation. That payment is due in full in 2016. Officials say they do not have the money to pay back the loan at this time and must try again for the funds.

“We would like to maybe get more input from the community to see what they feel and I think you know, the voters got a little confused with the two measures that were so close, V for the city and then W for the school,” said Becky Giacomini, assistant superintendent of business at the Fortuna Elementary School District. “It was a little difficult for the voters to kind of separate those two.”

And the public overwhelmingly voted against Measure V as well, the city’s one-cent sales tax. Fortuna officials say because the tax was struck down it is certain that there will be more budget cuts in the future and more services will be reduced.