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Medical marijuana nursery leads the way for Humboldt County cultivators

GARBERVILLE- One more year. Marijuana enthusiasts are watching closely as the countdown begins to the possible 2016 initiative to legalize cannabis in California. And while the wait continues, one local plant specialist and his team of geneticists are working to perfect Humboldt County cannabis and hope to lead the way for clean and sustainable marijuana.

"Cannabis is unfolding so rapidly and within the genes we're discovering all of these different cannabinoid compounds and for me, I'm a plant hunter, I love plants and so I search and look for specific varieties that have unique compounds and abilities and then we gather those and provide them for people to utilize," said Kevin Jodrey, cultivation director at wonderland nursery in Garberville.

Wonderland nursery is a first of it's kind medical marijuana dispensary specializing in plant genetics.

"We primarily function as a nursery so we provide the plants that the cultivators use to produce cannabis and it's unique to hum co because there's no other dispensaries in California that are pretty much standalone nurseries like this," Jodrey said.

Wonderland's geneticists create cannabis varieties that thrive in Humboldt County conditions. In the summer, the plants are grown with sunlight. In the winter, the plants are taken into the nursery's winter cultivation room. Currently, the room is home to nearly 50 different varieties of cannabis. Each variety has it's own unique characteristics.

"We want plants that have the right quality for the end user and the right qualities for the farmer and that's kind of unique because that' what we specialize in," said Jodrey.

In the end, it's the plant that picks you. Jodrey evaluates each 215 grower, accounting for skill, location, medical qualities required and other factors. Then, he aligns them with the perfect plant. The process is intended to help cut down on the need for pesticides or other toxic alternatives.


"I think we haven't been able to see this accurately because of the veil but as we start to peel the veil back we can see what we have here which is an incredible commercial industrial machine that if it's done right, it can be wholesome," Jodrey said. "you can still have an organic model, you can still have healthy sustainable ag."

But it's not just the cultivators who are welcome at the nursery. Inside there are a variety of topical products for sale, capitalizing on marijuana's healing abilities.

"We originally made it just as a pain relief save, and you kind of slather it on and pass that area because it gets rid of the inflammations and then people have been using it for all types of other problems that they have," said Dr. Joyce Centofanti with the Bud Sisters.

The Bud Sister's healing salve was the first line of cannabis products sold at the nursery. Two years later they say, business is good.

With the possibility of legalization getting closer each day, those at wonderland nursery are watching closely and preparing the very best cannabis for Humboldt County.