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Medical marijuana ordinance complaint driven

EUREKA- Outdoor medical marijuana grows on small parcels in Humboldt County will face regulations for the first time.

The Board of Supervisors passed the outdoor medical marijuana ordinance yesterday in an effort to reduce neighborhood nuisances caused by the smell of growing marijuana. Those who grow marijuana on their property face limitations to canopy size and placement of the plants. Those with parcels one acre or less can now grow up to 100 square feet of marijuana, set back 20 feet from neighboring property. Those with one to five acres can grow up to 200 square feet with a 40-foot set back.

“It's basically saying if you live on a small lot in a subdivision or something like that, you can't blow it out and impact your neighbors with the smell and it may be only a smell from six weeks to two months but it's still an impact on your neighbors,” said 1st District Supervisor Rex Bohn. “We're not going to go out there and police this, it is completely complaint driven and it will run through code enforcement, but you have to complain.”