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Medical society: Prop 46 is bad medicine for CA

Eureka - Local health care leaders held a press conference against Proposition 46 Wednesday stating it is bad medicine for patients and for California.

Representatives from the Humboldt County Medical Society spoke out against the proposition that seeks to raise the cap on medical malpractice lawsuits and drug test doctors. They oppose the proposition for it’s high cost. They also say Prop 46 will make it harder for patients to get quality medical care. Health care access is already a challenge in rural areas. They say this proposition will make access more limited. The press conference was held at Eureka’s Open Door Clinic with more than a dozen health care workers present.

“It will affect every person in California. Taxes will go up because in order to pay for this, the independent state auditor guestimated or estimated that hundreds of millions of dollars would be necessary to support this. It's going to cost every family of four approximately $1000 more a year to get medical insurance and to have health care. It would cost taxpayers, legislatures, the city-state governments, everything,” Dr. John Mastroni, president of the Humboldt and Del Norte County Medical Society, said.