Meet "Raya": baby zebra is turning heads in Humboldt County

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A new addition to a farm near Freshwater is making Humboldt County a little more exotic. The addition is a 6-week-old zebra named Raya, and she has neighbors stopping for a second look.  


“I have the best neighbors ever,” said Jenna Kilby, of Kilby Kountry Pony Parties and Petting Zoo.  “I haven't really exposed her a lot because I’m just trying to work her way out of the barn."


Kilby’s passion for rescuing horses went wild when she found Raya. She is a Grant Zebra, and was purchased as an incentive for the animal rescue from Southern California. Kilby has been helping her adjust to life in Humboldt.


"She was actually rejected from her mom after a couple of days and put on the bottle,” Kilby said, "She’s on a bottle 6 times a day all hours of the night all hours of the day, hence my voice, I’m very tired!”


Raya’s health has been something Kilby has had to watch. She says it was a challenge to find a veterinarian in the county who even knew how to treat a zebra.


But even though Raya was rejected from her mother, she’s finding emotional support from an unlikely goat buddy.


“She’s so bonded with him that’s kind of why she scats. When he runs... she runs."


Right now the pair are stomping the grounds at “Kilby Kountry,” and the other animals are taking notice.


"They are wild animals, they have a lot of wild instinct," Kilby says, but she hopes as Raya grows, she can learn from the other rescued horses just how great life on the farm can be, even if it means some strange looks from the neighbors.


"Its not very often that you're able to see someone ride a zebra!” Kilby said.