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Memorial for 19-year-old McCullens Motel shooting victim

EUREKA - There's new information from the McCullens Motel Manager regarding the death of 19-year-old Rhianna McKenzie who was shot and killed in Eureka less than two weeks ago.

Around 3 a.m. June 30 a dispute broke out at the McCullens Motel. 20-year-old Maxx Carson Robison then allegedly fired a rifle multiple times toward a vehicle. This is where McKenzie sustained the gunshot wound that took her life.

Kathy Howell has been the Manager of the McCullens Motel for the last eight years. According to her, McKenzie and a male who she believes was McKenzie’s current boyfriend checked into the motel about 10 days prior to the shooting.

Howell says during that time Robison began driving around the motel and stalking McKenzie and at one point “went to every door looking for her.”

Howell also says that the motel’s video surveillance shows the June 30 altercation. She says words were exchanged between two parties, one vehicle left and then returned. That’s when one subject got out of the vehicle’s passenger door and fired shots toward McKenzie, who was standing in the door-way of another vehicle.

Howell says “these kids didn’t do anything to deserve this.”

A small memorial for McKenzie has been set-up at the motel. It says rest in peace, you’re loved and stop the violence. 

Suspect Maxx Robison pled not guilty to all charges at his arraignment last Tuesday.