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Mike McGuire campaigns for State Senate

NORTH COAST- State Senate candidate Mike McGuire is visiting the North Coast this week campaigning for the second district seat. He was in Eureka Monday and will be in Arcata on Tuesday.
The new district lines take effect this election season and extend from the Golden Gate to the Oregon border, which means McGuire is representing both Humboldt and Del Norte counties along the North Coast. He said he believes in investing more in the public school system and standing up for the environment. 
McGuire is currently serving on the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors and has served six years as Mayor and councilmember of his hometown in Healdsburg. He says he is focused on moving the North Coast forward to ensure communities have the resources they need.
“We have to make sure jobs and economic growth is the number one priority,” said McGuire. “The other issue I am really focused on is rural broadband, there is a huge need for high speed internet and the other area I am really focused on is education. We need to make sure that our kids have the tools that they need to thrive,” said McGuire.