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Miller Farms representatives: new absorbent is best one available

MCKINLEYVILLE- A local nursery, landscaping and construction company has begun distributing what company representatives say is the best absorbent ever to hit the market. 

The Vice President of Landscaping of Miller Farms Nursery, Inc., Ross Miller, is so confident in the absorption qualities of SaveSorb, he can drink water after SaveSorb is used to separate automatic transmission fluid from that water.

"The product is so good that I did drink that water and it tastes like water.  And that's how much I believe in it and how much I believe it can help this county and clean up some of our messes,” said Miller.

Representatives of Miller Farms, a family owned company in McKinlyeville which was established in 1963, went to a SaveSorb demonstration in Redding more than a month ago, and were impressed with what they saw. 

"Caltrans had a HAZMAT person that was there and she said, 'Wow!' and it made me wake up and pay attention," Miller said.

What they saw was that SaveSorb can absorb anything except for water and that it has other beneficial qualities as well.

"It is reusable.  It's not one and done.  You use it over and over, three to five times, until it's fully absorbed, and then we can put it right back into our environment," said Miller.

It would take 90 pounds of kitty litter to absorb the same amount of material that a 3.3 lb. bag of SaveSorb can.

About three weeks ago, Miller Farms became one of the first master distributors of SaveSorb, which is made in Los Angeles using a form of petrified peat.  Representatives of Miller Farms say they have already started selling SaveSorb products, including loose SaveSorb, marine products, roadway products, and animal bedding to businesses and contractors along the North Coast. 

"Yes, are we in business to make money?  Absolutely.  But this is our home.  We've been here for a long time and have been in business for 50 years and it benefits the county and everybody in it," Miller said.

Miller Farms officials say the product is already being used in the restaurant, timber, construction, manufacturing, automotive and maritime industries.

"There's probably needs out there that we don't know of yet," said Scott Miller, the Project Manager for Miller Farms.