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Minimum wage in California raised to $9 per hour

CALIFORNIA- The minimum wage in California increased to $9 on Tuesday.  That increase is the first of two scheduled raises that Governor Brown signed into law last September.

The Co-Owner of Ramone’s Bakery, Berit Meyer, says wages will have to be raised for all of its employees because of this change.

"If those that are now the $8 an hour folks that are now at 9, the $9 an hour folks are now at minimum wage, so we need to raise them up as well.  And it's just a ripple effect, just to balance out where everybody is at this point because for the folks that have been here a long time, we definitely want them to feel that they're rewarded for their extra expertise and their hard work," said Meyer.

The next increase to California's minimum wage takes effect on January 1st, 2016, when it will be raised to $10 per hour. The California Chamber of Commerce has strongly opposed  increasing the state's minimum wage. Some small businesses are expected to lay off workers, while others, like Ramone’s Bakery, will be raising prices. Meyer says the customers will show their support of the increase in minimum wage by continuing to dine at the bakery. 

"We are hoping the public will still be our customers and still come through the door, but it's really up to the public as far as supporting this.  And if they can't find the extra money to pay for the products, then they can't come in, then we're going to be making adjustments later on down the road," Meyer said.