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Mobile home residents proposing rent stabilization

MCKINLEYVILLE - Recent new ownership of the Ocean West mobile home park in McKinleyville, has some residents taking action regarding the future of their rent.

The Ocean West mobile home park was recently purchased by Inspire Communities; the same company that purchased Lazy J mobile home park in Arcata and raised the rent 10 percent across the board. Residents of Ocean West say, they feel vulnerable that their rent will go up as well, since there isn't a cap on mobile home rent in the county. Mobile home residents can complain about increases, but currently there is little they can do. They are proposing rent stabilization to protect them at this time.

"So there's different ways of enacting rent stabilization and we're calling on the county Board of Supervisors to do an investigation and to find out what's the best way for our county. And to take action as soon as possible, to protect this really valuable, low and moderate income housing in our community,” said Ocean West resident, Hilary Mosher

Representatives from Inspire Communities and residents from Ocean West will attending an open meeting Wednesday night at 6 p.m. at Azalea Park in McKinleyville.