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Mult-cultural celebration on Trinity River

Lewiston Dam – Today, tribal members and their leaders, river watchers and politicians attended a day of celebration on the Trinity River.

It was a day the Bureau of Reclamation had designated as a multicultural day. So, the Hoopa Tribe organized a rally at the Lewiston Dam to demonstrate water diversion impacts on their culture and communities along the river. It was also for giving thanks, celebrating culture and tradition. Officials with the tribe talked of a sense of relief for having water flowing in decent amounts down the Trinity River giving cooler climates for spawning salmon to make their epic journeys back to the places of their birth.

The lo-cal of the celebration took place next to the fish hatchery. Not lost on those present, was the significance of that choice. A fish hatchery; a place of birth and release; something the tribes and river watchers have been doing for centuries.

Tribal officials wanted to give special thanks to Department of Interior Secretary, Jewell and the Department of Reclamation for “saving our salmon and river people in 2014.”