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Murder Suspect Bodhi Tree's trial set for March

HUMBOLDT COUNTY- The trial for murder suspect Bodhi Tree has been set for March. Tree is charged for an alleged shooting that killed two in Arcata and for an attempted murder in Eureka back in May.

In court the defense filed two new motions in the case. They are requesting that Tree be allowed to wear civilian clothes during the trial. Friday, defense attorney, Heidi Holmquist, requested that the District Attorney's office provide her with additional items to be reviewed in the case. Holmquist is requesting results from tests conducted by the Department of Justice, the clothes that Tree wore when he was arrested and police reports that were filed by witnesses.

Tree is charged for attempting to murder Rhett August on May 15 in Eureka and the shooting deaths of Christina Schwarz and Alan Marcet three days later.

The trial date has been set for March 24. 2014.