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Music festival planned at Samoa Pulp Mill

SAMOA- Humboldt County’s music and food festival scene is about to get a lot larger. Yesterday the Humboldt Bay Harbor District approved plans for a large-scale music festival at the Samoa Pulp Mill.

Organized by Sustainable World Solutions, the Abundance Festival will feature music from big name celebrities, dancing and natural foods. The organizers say they chose the pulp mill because it is being re-purposed into a marine research and innovation park. They hope the big names will draw out thousands to the festival and help to educate more people about living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

“What Sustainable World Solutions does is promote sustainable projects so our intention is to promote the research park and bring people to this facility and to the understanding of what's happening here,” said Robert Zack, Sustainable World Solution.

The Abundance Festival is still in its planning stages, but is scheduled to take place next September.