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National Park Week starts Saturday

National Park Week begins Saturday, and Redwood National and State Parks is joining in the celebration.  

There will be free admission to its three state parks this weekend.  Admission to the national parks is free all year.

In 1850, there were about 2 million acres of redwood forest.  With only about 100,000 acres remaining, most of it is in Redwood National and State Parks.

"There is no place else in the world that you will find a taller forest and a higher forest canopy than you can right here in our own backyard," said Park Ranger Jeff Denny.

Which is why people from all over come to our backyard to enjoy them.

"It's amazing.  You just can't believe that something alive can be that tall.  You can't even see the tops of it and they're so wide.  It just makes you feel very small," said Will Yetvin, who is visiting from Maryland.

"It's very serene and quiet when you get off the road and there's no traffic.  It's very quiet and you can hear the trees creaking. It's very peaceful," said Rob Ransley, who lives in Australia.

About 500,000 people visit Redwood National and State Parks every year, but some areas are less busy than others.

Built 12 years ago, park officials say the Trillium Falls Trail is one of the lesser-known destinations.

"If you really want to get deep into the woods.  If you really want to experience the quiet of the redwood forest, this is one of our best trails to experience," Park Ranger Denny said.

But whether you’re visiting Trillium Falls or Lady Bird Johnson Grove, an unforgettable experience is in store.

"It's not walking through a mall on a nice, clean floor.  You're going to have the chance to experience nature in all it's wild glory as well as get a little dirty on your trip," said Park Ranger Denny.