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Navy holds informational meeting in Eureka regarding testing off West Coast

EUREKA - The US Navy held a special informational meeting tonight in Eureka for the public. They went over possible environmental impacts of training and weapons testing planned just off the West Coast from Northern California to parts of Alaska.

The meeting was being held at the Wharfinger Building from 5 to 8 pm Friday. It was an open house where naval representatives provided information, answered questions and accepted comments. A court reporter was available to record verbal comments. If you didn’t attend the meeting, you can still get your opinion heard. Written responses may be sent to: Ms. Kimberly Kler, Project Manager;. 1101 Tautog Circle, Suite 203  Silverdale, WA. 98315-1101  Or Online: http://nwtteis/com/

The testing is expected to have impacts on wildlife as the Navy tests sonar, electromagnetic devices and explosives. All comments must be in or postmarked by February 2 of 2015.