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Navy vessel USS Independence docked in Eureka, offshore testing

EUREKA- The navy vessel USS Independence has once again docked in Eureka in its third time within the past month to refuel. Commanding Officer Dave Back confirms to News Channel 3 that the vessel is in town to test the ships capabilities during various weather conditions and will refuel once more before heading back home.
The Independence is an active vessel and is one-of-a kind according to crewmembers. It is able to take on various missions including finding and destroying mines, hunting submarines, and fighting small boats. Its trimaran design, maneuverability, and endurance to travel 4300 miles at 18 kts allow it to excel at anytime. Captain name says the entire concept of the ship is to perform in ways in which a normal navy ship cannot.
"The ship also has shallow draft which allows it to go into water about half as deep as a normal destroyer or cruiser. It is designed to go much faster than a normal navy ship, usually an excess of 40 kts and can reconfigure for different missions in a matter of days.”
Back said the testing results show that the hull is acting as it should.