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Neighborhood watch groups successful at cutting crime says Del Norte sheriff

DEL NORTE- One Del Norte County neighborhood is taking law enforcement into its own hands. A group of citizens from the county's birch track area met with the sheriff this week in hopes of creating a neighborhood watch.

The group of nearly 150 residents began the process of creating a neighborhood watch after noticing an increase of suspicious activity and nighttime traffic in the area. On Tuesday night they met with the sheriff's office to begin making plans for their very own watch. According to Sheriff Dean Wilson, this group is one of more than a dozen active neighborhood watches in the county. Over the years the sheriff's office has met with several neighborhoods, providing information and materials to citizens so that they can form watch groups. 

“We don't have the type of law enforcement where we have a lot of patrol out there and so it really works together with local law enforcement if the community can step up and take ownership of their neighborhoods, then we can partner with them and work with them to drive- to help improve their neighborhoods and help bring crime down,” said Del Norte County Sheriff Dean Wilson.

Since the formation of those groups, the sheriff says crime in those neighborhoods have dramatically decreased.