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New after school creative writing program offered at schools in Fortuna

FORTUNA- Students in Fortuna have been using their imaginations in a new after school creative writing program.

"When you give kids the tools to write and empower them with their imagination, in turn, they're better able to understand themselves and their communities when they're creating their own worlds, their own characters, that really gives them power," said Kendra Guimaraes, the Writing Well Instructor.

Writing Well is an Ink People Center for the Arts Program that began this school year. Formatted in 4-week sessions, they have been offered to various schools in Fortuna. The goal of the program is to get youth to establish connections with the community through creative writing.  It’s funded through the Rose Perenin Foundation and the McLean Foundation. Earlier this week, Fortuna Middle School students wrote stories about zombies doing things out of the ordinary, including a zombie becoming a stunt man and a zombie becoming a competitive swimmer. On Thursday, a real zombie answered the kids’ questions, so the children could write a new story based on his answers.

"I liked interviewing the zombie because he was kind of acting like what a zombie would kind of act like, like kind of walking over to you slowly, kind of scary," said Leland Tedrow-Harder, a fifth grade student at Fortuna Middle School.