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New bill mandates adult bicyclist helmet use

EUREKA- A new law could make it mandatory to put on a helmet before going on a bike ride.

State Senator Carol Liu introduced S.B. 192 last week. It's a proposed bill that would require all bicyclists to wear helmets and also wear reflective gear when cycling at night. If passed, cyclers not wearing a helmet could be cited and fined $25. It's currently state law that anyone 18 and under must wear helmets.

Bicycle enthusiasts here at home say it makes sense to expect the same safety precautions from adults.

"It makes a huge difference," Rick Knapp, president of Humboldt Bay Bicycle Commuters Association, said. "Anytime you fall off your bicycle and you hit anything with your head it could cause serious brain damage or death. I've seen people fall off five miles an hour and have serious brain trauma, sometimes permanent. Where a helmet they would get up and ride again "

The California Bicycle Coalition however, does not support the bill. They say it could deter people from choosing to bicycle. If the bill is made law, California would be the first state mandating adult helmet use.